Thursday, May 15, 2014

change, forced

I get pretty preoccupied with this tiny little garden in the spring. It's the only spot on our heavily shaded property that gets full sun all day.  Looking at this picture I'm wondering if I put on this show so folks won't look down the driveway at the mess I call Tobacco Road.  There's not a whole lot of gardening skill going on here. Over the years I've learned which plants flourish here with the least effort on my part, plus the contributions of the dogs in the neighborhood.

For any of you with even a nodding acquaintance with the Tarot will recognize the implied message of the Tower.

 I pulled this one in a one card draw, looked at it, shuddered and ducked the card. One more 'food for thought' that day and I might have choked and barfed. Not that anyone can avoid some situations, but taking the long look, the lessons in the moment are something to be considered.

I asked Colin to take the picture at the top of this post because the peonies were peaking..ready to explode, and a heavy thunderstorm was coming. Less than a half hour later, a small car beat the thunderstorm to the garden most thoroughly. I'm only glad that no one was hurt and a new garden (and perspective) is underway


  1. O no! your garden! it was so pretty. i'm glad you shared the pics and were able to enjoy it while you could.
    i hope that you can salvage some of your plants.
    take care (((HUGS)))

  2. At least you got a photo of the flowers. But, my goodness, it's just not right. Hope the driver of the car comes by with a nice bouquet once they get over the shock of wrecking your garden.

  3. Sheesh! What distracted the driver?

  4. How devastating! You are very kind, I would be crying. As for your other lovely garden, I cannot believe people let their dogs do their business in there!

  5. Your peony should come back, no problem. They're tough as nails, especially if they're well established.

  6. What a shame! I love peonies, just wish they lasted longer. We're having heavy rain here and mine will probably be beaten down, too, but not demolished like yours.

  7. I've had a peony root lay dormant many years and one year it popped up in the middle of the yard. And a tulip suddenly grew where Mom had a flower bed, 35 years before.

  8. what the heck!?? All year you want those sweet smelling fluffy peonies to bloom, and wham! Poor you, I feel it too!
    LeeAnna Paylor

  9. Oh my lands Deb!! Your poor garden was Mowed Down!! Boo


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