Friday, May 09, 2014

denim blues

Remember this?
Well, without my Goodman to rein in the insanity, I spent the rest of the afternoon, paving over an entire queen-size poly mattress protector with chunks of  his worn out blue jeans.

It always seemed like a sin to throw out good denim so I have stacks of them in the closet.

He would have stopped me and said "Doncha think this is gonna be a little bit heavy when you're done?"

I should have noticed that when I was horsing it around under the sewing machine needle.

I took it outside to hang over the deck railing for pictures and it nearly took me over with it. Ten, fifteen pounds? There are eight pairs of jeans here.

So, I just got finished with a quick and dirty dismemberment. Lament not! I'm just going to find a different way to make it happen with maybe a little planning and forethought instead of just plain passion.

Meanwhile, up at the mailbox garden, the peonies have finally started to pop. I hate that this is happening in the face of two thunderstormy days...the flowers will get beat down if the rain is heavy. I may wind up cutting a lot of them and bringing them inside if I can take the aroma. The two different colors have distinctly different fragrances, but both are heavy, spicy and sweet.


Nancy said...

Beauty and bittersweet humor all together here! That flower is gorgeous.
I once used part of an old quilted bed pad (mattress cover) for a quilt (wall hanging)...oh yes that heavy feeling!!! I can only imagine the weight of all those jeans.

Vicky aka Stichr said...

I don't know if I could Braves this, but I do plan to make potholders from jeans. I did not know that peonies were fragrant...may have to try growing one, to start, after seeing your lovely one.