Friday, March 27, 2015

vacation day, kinda

I've been on a tiny vacation of sorts. Missy is taking some time off from work making me non-nana for a few days. Although I miss Charlie it's good for all of us.

We thought spring was finally here - Colin has cut the lawn twice in ten days - but it's turned cold again with freeze warnings for the weekend. I covered over the peony shoots popping up in the garden and brought the houseplants back inside. Only the strong shall survive.

Yesterday I worked in the writing chair for almost six hours. Today there was a mile and change in the park although I really didn't think I had a quarter mile in me. Starting out I felt like the Tin Man after a night in the rain, but all smoothed out after a bit and I was surprised at the ground I covered.  Later, there was time in the stitching chair.

Missy got to be the one to give him his first ride on the swing at the park. So right!


  1. OMG! A tooth? Bet he loved the for Spring, it is here, but the Geraniums will not be seeing the great outdoors for another couple of months... temps still getting down there at night up here at 7000 feet. But all the trees are budding out, and I saw buds on the lilac bushes yesterday already! I should cover them, but the wind comes along this time of year and blows everything away that isn't anchored securely...

  2. this boy of ours...
    the Woody Guthrie song
    Sweet Little Baby


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