Tuesday, June 09, 2015

flipping the days

We're having an all day rain so I pretended it was Sunday and didn't do any of the Gottas and ran with the Wannas. Most satisfying.

 I started auditioning cloth for this new piece, then interrupted the process to re-watch "Guardians of the Galaxy". Even more fun this time because we left the closed captioning on and I could actually follow the dialogue, such as it is. It's a comic book after all. Just fun.

Washed an unhappy cat and got back to cloth shuffling remarkably unscathed.

Sorry now that I have to set it aside to go to work. If the thunderstorms persist, there could be a miraculous power failure.


Nancy said...

Love the soft colors here. I took my big button jar to work with me so I could continue searching for what I needed!! lol Ya do what ya gotta!

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Good to see you messing around back in the fabrics!

Anonymous said...

more and more we put the captions on -- esp. with British and DEFINITELY with Scottish programs... funny about the comic book aspect, though!!

what spring?

Nothing like a summer cold in Georgia. You just think that being outside in the air and sun would be a good thing until you try it. Ch...

Play it again Sam.