Sunday, June 07, 2015

sunday change up

Routines are good until they become ruts so I did everything different today, except for writing first thing in the morning.

NO housework. Whatever didn't get done yesterday will wait until Monday.

Pool early, before the sun was too strong.

A Braves game with Charlie napping on my arm

and late in the day, cleaning and restocking the river basket which led to a little tentative stitching.

My fingers feel stiff and dumb, but the cloth felt good and late day light is just as good as early morning.

Soon, I'll add night walking.


  1. Sometimes things need a shake up! You make me think of the Seinfeld episode when George does everything in a way totally opposite to his normal behaviors and it works out beautifully! Have a good Monday,

  2. stiff and dumb here as well

  3. Good to move in different ways at different times... wakes up the muscles that have been sleeping, makes the brain exercise a little more... refreshing! Glad the weather is nice enough for pool time for you now.


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