Wednesday, August 26, 2015

wrinkled in time

A week ago I was offered a solo show at a local gallery where I have shown before. I love the space, but remain a bit alarmed at the amount of work it's going to take to open on 9/13/15.

I just finished stitching a sleeve onto this piece which has never been exhibited anywhere because I could never hang it for pictures. It's been hoarded along with a handful of others.

Time for being lazy and fearful is up.

It's not deeply creased, but I don't want to use an iron on it. Suggestions? (update - it's been hanging outside undercover in the shade and is almost wrinkle free) thanks for the input.

This was from one of the last shows, '12 or '13, I can't pin the date down. I intend on hanging this once "Ocean Homes" in the very same spot. Too pretty not to.


  1. Is it strong enough to be thrown in the dryer with a wet rag? I do that when things are wrinkly and works a charm. Just get it out fast so the wrinkles don't reset in new places!

  2. I thought about it but there are too many delicate fabrics (that yellow silk gauze) and raw edges...there would be a mess of loose thread with even the lightest toss.It's going to be handwork for sure. I wish I had a steamer.

  3. This is probably too late, but Deb, do you have a wooden batik frame. I use mine for stretching and removing wrinkles and it works really well.

  4. How about mist a blow dryer? :) Just a thought..

  5. Susan, I think you are right about TestF 419. I recall it was a favorite and the delight when some kind soul gifted me a couple yards

  6. My tutor here in the UK, Barbara Weeks, says try sleeping under the quilt for one or more nights. The warmth and gentle humidity just straightens out creases naturally.

    Enjoying your news of 'All Clear' as I've been there a long time ago. Go well and go great with everything.

  7. thank you susan. I'll give that a try. makes sense to me.


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