Wednesday, October 07, 2015


This is where it begins. A scrap in the sunlight or fire light will catch my eye and beg me to touch it, pick it up, consider it's provenance and how far it's come. It was something else, long ago and now it's waiting.

"What's next for me?" it whispers.

"Find me a partner. Several. Let's dance. Let's become a part of a great whole, something to behold.
Something to hold. Something to cling to. Something that will serve. Let me last beyond myself.
Make me."

Sometimes we all need a guide, a waymaker.


jude said...

hey ho!!!!

Nancy said...

Oh. Beautiful Deb.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

eeeee, Deb, just well....Everything


by Gemina Ferrari In case you were wondering how I felt about a bunch of old white men making decisions about women's healthcare and...

Play it again Sam.