Saturday, October 31, 2015

a new holiday

We haven't done Halloween here in years. I got tired of handing out candy to stunted thugs and mini-hookers who didn't seem to know that the tradition called for a little verbal give and take, such as "Trick or Treat" and "Thank You!" We had many years of great trick or treating in the past complete with the one scary house on the block with the lights out. It's my turn.

My house is dark and scary on a sunny day - no decorations of any kind since I retired the lace ghosts. I'll make sure there are no lights visible from the street and spend the evening in peace.

Today I shopped for what I'll be making a new tradition, my own take on the Day of the Dead. Tomorrow there will be lasagna, music, beer and fond memories.

Tonight, I'll pamper my cold with a stitch in and sketching out a new novel. I'm going to back this with a cotton batt so I can do something with all that white space. organize it with stitch.


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

YES...make our OWN days of celebration.....yes, Lasagna. Always
Lasagna i say, it's the so Right thing all gooey and elegant
and a stitch in there somewhere and i love you, Deborah Lacativa, Jimmy's Girl

Joe Madl said...

Fortunately, here the kids still dress primarily in sweet princess and ninja turtle costumes and are more than happy to sing out a cheery Trick or Treat followed by a chorus of laughter and Thank You's and Happy Halloweens! Add to that a steaming bowl of home made chili and delightful company and you got the makings of a lovely holiday evening!

Debbie said...

All Souls day is a better celebration in my mind, celebrating ancestors and lighting the dark.