Monday, October 19, 2015

overnight changes

It got cold overnight and I brought Mr. Wilson inside. The rest will get their frog/lizard check tomorrow and join him.

It was so nice out over the weekend that on Sunday I took the overflowing river basket to the park and staked out one of the new picnic tables with the intention of working on this piece.

As I started looking for a certain color thread, I pulled more and more tools, UFOs, bags of thread and miscellaneous crap from the basket and found a trio of stinkbugs lurking. One by one they were evicted and I spent an hour sorting and reorganizing. It needs a serious offload.

The stitching didn't happen until much later during a short Downton Abbey orgy. I find I can't just stitch. There has to be something else going on. A ballgame, a movie, an audiobook. I have to disconnect the brain from the hands otherwise I get bored and quit or bad stitching things happen from overthinking.


  1. I find I am the opposite, if I am stitching and the TV is on...I keep stopping to look up at it, getting nothing done! Radio is much better ;)

  2. i can do it either way. there is no stopping me.

  3. I'm that way with crocheting... great pastime for when I'm doing something else that requires sitting, but no fun all by itself. Glad you got the stink bugs out without mishap! We don't get them in the house, but the garage is a favorite haunt for them...


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