Sunday, October 11, 2015

Studio update

The rain and then the chill and I realize I'm weeks behind getting the studio ready for winter. Now that I've moved the day job computer back in here, it won't be long before I trundle the little heater out of the closet. The studio will be cozy and it looks like there will be stitching.

I pulled the birthday chair out into the room and gave it a thorough going over with the vacuum and reinstalled the sliders under its feet. Sucked up every speck of spider crap and web in that corner of the room and put up new Festivus lights.  That's two corners of the room deep cleaned and re-ordered.

To crown the process, I dug into the river basket, weeded out a lot excess and dug up a handful of UFOs that aren't beyond hope or help. I have discovered that 1.75 cheaters are not going to be sufficient. Time to bump up to 2s and shorting stitching time accordingly.

I have to go to the DMV to take an eye exam on Tuesday. I may lay off any further eye torture until then.


Nancy said...

Lovely to see your space and your colors. What a great chair with a view. I'm afraid I'd gaze more than stitch!

karen christensen said...

Good to see your setting about to stitch soon.

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Good news about getting the studio ready! As for cheaters, I still have great close-up vision after decades of doing close work, but can't see worth a dang distance-wise without my distance glasses... oh, well! Looking forward to seeing progress on your UFO's.

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