Sunday, October 04, 2015

summer slipped away

while it was raining. We've been lucky. No big storms or hurricanes - just days on end of damp drizzle that intensifies to need an umbrella rain and then slacks back to drizzle. Fungus weather.

Over the past two nights, it's become cold. Drear. My old cat Voodoo insists on spending his days outside on the dyedeck. Willful. Worrisome. They take charge of themselves no matter what we want.

I've been overwhelmed by too many obligations and a shortage of personal resources. The day before I was to be cleared to return to work full-time, a nasty little virus took hold and has further sapped my energy. I would rather sleep than just about anything else. So I do.

Any day now I am going to have to bring all my houseplants inside and find places for them to survive the winter.

the best days of the week, I spend with Charlie who is a full fledged toddler now. He wants me to put his shoes on him even before he's out of his Pjs.

Here is a brief moment where we both throw back to "baby" times. He's adept at the sippy cup and any day I suspect all those "bobbies" will disappear.


Nancy said...

Aw, Deb I can relate to fighting the mean ol virus! I've been at it too. Take good care of you, the plants and sweet Charlie :)

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Glad you aren't being inundated with floods like So. Carolina. I brought in my 3 Geraniums last weekend... getting colder at night. Hope you are back up and feeling tip-top soon. Nothing worse than being laid low with a bug.