Sunday, January 10, 2016

sunday stitch

Sunday is improving. Over the past two years, it's been a difficult day to be alone if I didn't have visiting planned.

I went to my first meeting with a new writing group yesterday and it was just what I've been looking for.

Now a chunk of Sunday will have to be given over to Saturday housework, the stuff I let languish all the rest of the week. A day for projects, catching up and finishing. I need to get back to having books on CD while I work.

I cleared the dancing table in the studio enough to fire up the Janome and do some long promised mending. From there it was a short hop to the river basket to see what was waiting for my hands.
What am I going to do when Downton Abbey is over?


Nancy said...

That table is fantastic! I love the colors of this one and the little twiaty knots. A new group sounds like a fine idea and shaking things up a bit perhaps...doing 'em on different days :) Best to you.

Barbara Barth said...

Glad you found a good writing group! Clicked over and loved the table. Hope to see you soon.

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Always good to shake up the routine a bit from time to time. Hope your new writing group helps...


Without a map or destination, I'm becoming obsessed with this one. The story it belongs with is still largely untold. What I was...

Play it again Sam.