Tuesday, July 03, 2007

almost finished

Cue the Brazilian Jazz.... My part is finished. Tomorrow Jim is going to cut the hole in the walnut top and build the support for the sewing machine. It's hard to back up far enough to get a picture of this thing.


  1. Deb, that table is fabulous! I'd love to know how you achieved such crisp lines: did you stencil or otherwise mask the legs before dyeing them? (DH is as curious as I am about your methods.)

    Best regards,
    Cathy in NE PA,
    formerly of Tarrytown and Somers NY

  2. What a work of art - this table is very inspiring and it will draw you to it to sew! Great job on the painting.

  3. Waht a great sewing table!! This is inspiring to me because mine is functional but rather ugly. It's so exciting to see the photos of your new studio-to-be!

  4. How wonderful and one of a kind!! Your table is a work of art and is sure to inspire your new creations.

  5. I covet this table. Even more now I see it is custom built for your machine (grin)


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