Wednesday, July 11, 2007

From the New Studio

this WIP was on the design wall in my bedroom so it got to go first in the new location. There will be more stitching but I wanted to do some photography with the ambient afternoon light which, unfortunately, in that room, is very green- all reflected from the lawn and trees in the front yard. The afternoon light I used to shoot with in the bedroom had a golden cast that was always something to deal with too. Guess I'm going to have to set up those lights after all. So there's an ongoing discussion on the SAQA yahoo list about RGB and CMYK and I thought I would take a look at those functions in the Paint Shop Pro program that I have been ignoring forever. Mine is V.5 and I think they are up to 12 or somesuch. I "channel split" the original image above into CMYK and then "channel combined" to get the final, large image. I can see the difference but now I have to read up on the why of the whole thing. You can almost see the iridescent paint in the final.


Denise Aumick said...

This bottom piece almost looks backlit which is very cool.

Debra said...

I haven't the faintest idea about the images in the middle (they look black and white to me).. but that last image is way cool.