Monday, July 16, 2007

Something's brewing

First of all what's a studio if you don't have an assistant? There's going to be a large window in the wall just beyond the sewing machine with a wide ledge where Jinx will spend most of her time. This pose is merely a reminder to get busy on that window. See my spiffy ironing storage back there? It's so cool even if stinky (that new heat resistant stink, heady stuff) and I can move it around with one hand because of the teflon pads under the feet. Here's the view from the driver's seat behind Big J and you are getting a good look at how the Mob Scene series is shaking out. There are at least six more waiting in the wings, most larger than these. These two on the left side design wall are just waiting for the stitching. Jim set the other design wall vertically for me so that mirror could bring the outside in a bit. Here the mob is up to more than just standing around thinking about it. That vacuum cleaner & TV set are just visiting until I find tiny, stow-able versions of both. What you are not seeing are baskets of unsorted fabrics all over the floor lined up along the walls awaiting their turn. There are a lot more still in the old studio. I never thought I had a stash problem like some fabriholics but the evidence is mounting.


Melly Testa said...

it all seems pretty awesome tome, can't wait to see the window!

Tina Marie Rey said...

You know, you can mount the TV high up in a corner. Then to make sure you dont loose the remote stick some velcro to it and then stick velcro in two places - one on the wall or side of the desk where you work and one on the tv itself. Then you can stick it where you are working - we had velcro stuck in my sewing room in 4 places (so remote traveled with me) I love working with my music channels or craft shows on. Coming along great - and cant wait to se the finished works!

Rhonda said...

Can't wait to see the finished room. I recently got all my fabric in some kind of order.