Monday, February 29, 2016


Seasoned readers will think "oh, oh. she's been doing a whole lot of nothing." but, not so.

Mending, putting new bindings on old service quilts, actual zipper replacements - real old school stuff. I have new callouses.

It was warm enough to leave doors and windows open today and I was outside looking at the dyedeck wondering what would be next.


  1. Doesn't it feel good to be productive?

  2. Yes. Especially when one is in the creative desert, cloth-wise.

  3. I'm kind of there for the moment myself... casting about for new directions or ideas. Started cleaning the studio a few days back... that's always a sign of a drought. Then yesterday, one of my fellow gallery artists brought in 2 huge totes full of undyed scarves (actually veils - they're huge!) and a variety of dye powders that she wanted to get rid of and GAVE them to me, just to get them out of her house! Think I need to find a local belly dancing group to see if they might want some tie-dyed veils!
    You do zippers... I'm very impressed. Gave up on them years ago!

  4. ha! anyone who has spent any time at all reading your blog would never even begin to think of "deb" and "she's been doing a whole lot of nothing" as ever being mentioned in the same breath!!


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