Saturday, April 01, 2017

angels watch

We had a powerful storm the night before last. I was working (the day job) in the studio at and called my supervisor to tell her that I was going offline until the storm passed.

The lightning, wind and thunder seemed to be right on top of us. I could barely hear the callers and was pretty uncomfortable being tethered to something with power running through it. I never heard this happening behind the house.

So, the tree guy was here yesterday and we both stood a long time being amazed at how very lucky the House of Lacativa was.  He calculated that, yes if that tree (those two trunks come from one huge base) had fallen toward the house it would have taken the pool, the deck and, depending on the angle, me in my bed.

As things lean now, they pose no hazard and would cost thousands to be removed. There are two remaining that have to be taken down as soon as $800 materializes from thin air. Deep and profound gratitude keeps me going.


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i imagine how the tree worked to lean away, knowing

Ms. said...

Angels thank goodness. Weather can be cruel and I'm glad you were spared.

Nancy said...

Oh thank goodness! leaning into gratitude :)

Stephanie Jo said...

I'm so glad the tree fell the right way. We have an enormous Sitka spruce not far from the house. I always give it a glance when the wind blows really hard.

Terry said...

I've been thinking of you. Frighteningly close. Blessed is a good word.