Saturday, April 08, 2017

Cusspots explained

 The name "cusspot" came to me out of the blue (like all my titles do) when I was thinking about how to name these little containers that I started crocheting at work rather compulsively. When I made the first one, I put it on my desk and put a few coins inside with the notion that the nickel and three pennies might breed like hangars in the closet tend to. Didn't happen.

Then I remembered how some offices and families have a Swear Jar that you have to put money into if you swear out loud, as a kind of punishment or deterrent to bad language. Where I grew up you got five upside the eyes for anything past "Hell" or "Damn" (and those got you the very evil eye). Of course, we swore like sailors when the parents were not within earshot.

I swear a LOT on my job, violently and elaborately, but inside my head, at my customers. I curse them all, need it or not. It keeps me from burnout. My little crocheted container would never hold a day's worth of swearing fines, they were not big enough to be real Swear Jars, they were merely CUSSPOTS.

I started poking thread ends into it instead of letting the bits fall where ever and getting more evil eyes from the vacuum cleaner guy late in the evening. The threads stuck to the office carpet like crazy and he had to spend extra NOISY ANGRY minutes around my desk once a week. In the spring, I pulled all the thread bits out and left them in the shrubs around the office for birds to make nests with.


Morna said...

I adore the cusspot you sent me (and I am way late on sending a proper thank you note), filled with marvelous scraps of cloth. The cats have been eyeballing it; they say it resembles a mouse. I am considering putting a bit of catnip inside and then watch them drunkenly play with it. Fortunately, they do not destroy their play toys; they leave that kind of behavior to dogs. xo

Deb Lacativa said...

Yes, do it! Stuff it with the good stuff and stitch it closed! I have caught Sweetie paw-bapping the one I use for thread, hooking it out of the sewing basket..

Morna said...

I will do it - and I'll video the results! :-)