Saturday, April 21, 2018

Spring cleaning continued

I was afraid this might happen. The cloths that gave up the ghost shouldn't have been in that mix.  The repair will be an interesting enterprise. I have no intention of trying to crochet a fix.

This rug usually resides in front of the kitchen sink, folded in half.

No one need ever see the scar. I may have to back the whole thing with something to stabilize it.

No good deed goes unpunished.


  1. Such lovely colours and texture !!!

    (yes, everything is as weak as it's weakest link ;-) ...
    mending crochet might be like mending knitting ... learned
    that ages ago !)

  2. Beautiful and worth fixing if you can.

  3. So, I read this in the morning and it has been rolling around in my head--I like mending. so what came to me was making another little braided rug--the size of the hole-- and then stitching it in front and back to sturdy portions. I think it will work. And will work in future mendings. I love the rug itself--how nice to have something like it under ones feet at the sink!!!!!

  4. Oh this would be so easy to fix. I would crochet a piece the size of the hole and stitch it into place. The whole rug is a magnificent example of crochet, colorful and happy, and a testament to your ability to craft such a thing. These are hard to make due to the length of time required and the hefty weight. I vote repair😊


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