Wednesday, October 17, 2018


The bottomless basket has been replenished.

After picking a few choice pieces for my own (now manageable) hoard, I ripped and cut my way through the stacks of cloth that have been piling up as the summer's dye days have come and gone. Lots of color textures that are new!

There are linens, broadcloth, sheeting, flannel, lawn, huck, gauze, poplin, and some weird stuff I have no name for, only that since it took the dye, it must be mostly natural cloth.

If the day job gets quiet tonight, I'll be packing up a bunch of fat baggies for the shop. I'll be going out of town on Saturday, so last ship day this week will be Friday.

These pictures are all the same basket, I just reached in and churned it a bit. Tasty all the way down.

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