Sunday, October 28, 2018

taking a cloth breath

There's too much good stuff in the river basket to just dive in. I am quite overwhelmed, but gravitating to the stuff that looks like mayhem. I feel like swinging a machete at a nazi picnic but, the cloth will have to suffice, I guess. It's probably a good thing that I'm not twenty.

I actually ironed some of this before I got started. I find that huck and linen have to be whacked back into 2D before you can compose.
 At least my "THAT SUCKS" radar is still working.

I already see the big problem, lack of contrast. Fixing that with stitch never works.

Back to the drawing board, a little at a time. I won't even ask myself why.

It feels good. The section on the right, with the blue background, has promise on its own.

This section of the design wall is just to the left of where I sit for the day job. If the clients are quiet tonight, I may make some progress with this, but I'm going to give it time before I thread a needle.


  1. When all the world seems to have gone mad, this makes my heart happy ... and I dare to hope for better days

  2. Gosh, Liz...glad I didn't decide to stay in bed and stew.

  3. We have to have hope...and color. Love that you are working on the cloth again.


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a grand accomplishment

                                This is what I want to do next. I just love what Hazel has done with her treasured cloth, her love and time...

Play it again Sam.