Sunday, January 27, 2019

storm prep

They say we may get some winterish weather on Tuesday. Chances are, school will be canceled which means I'll be spending a day or two with Charlie so I'm prepping the river basket.

 I have something in mind so I pulled a bunch of cloth this morning and actually ironed it just to see what I really had. My grandma would have had a fit - I ironed sitting down!

I don't know how to capture the iridescence of damask that's been ironed. This picture almost gets it.

Now, for the patience to take my time composing - not threading a needle until the design works.

Lately, the rush to stitch has only lead to misery.

Right now stitch needs to take me to the place where the words grow.

Bomenrij  by  Jan Mankes   1915


  1. The photograph is beauty full, yes, close, but the shimmer and glow...o....

  2. I wasn't a damask fan until your dyed damask made me a convert ...

  3. Liz..I think of damask as living cloth. It's almost like flesh.


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a grand accomplishment

                                This is what I want to do next. I just love what Hazel has done with her treasured cloth, her love and time...

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