Saturday, January 05, 2019

what happens when you clean stuff

This bedspread was my maternal grandmother's, or so the story went. It could be, it's woven rayon which has been around since the 20's. Heavy.

 It was on my mother's bed for all eternity but when the big box stores started selling faux down spreads, she was all over them. This went into a drawer and eventually, to me.

Rarely used, but recently spent some months in a den of iniquity and so I decided a gentle wash was in order.

I didn't notice the damage when it came out of the washer, but after it tumbled in the dryer, I found it had four, large tears. Like the cloth just gave up under its own weight and split. The fringes were hella tangled too.

I'm debating if and whether to repair it. I shall consult the den of iniquity.


  1. She's ALIVE! I'd leave her
    In her present configuration and stitch her together into an Iniquity Pillow

  2. The stories held deep within, coming out!

  3. Is it two layers? And now they have decided to go their separate ways? Hard to see.
    How important is it to you?

  4. Stories. I went into my mother's room for something. She was sitting on the bed. I caught my toe in the fringe of this bedspread and cursed out loud. I curse like a sailor but NOT in my mothers' earshot! She slapped my face and said, "You sound like your Aunt Irma." I don't ever recall hearing my aunt swear.

  5. Not so important, J. I've always dislike straight up pink & blue, and I detest the cloth, but it's warm and C. needed another blanket so I took it out of storage and put it to use. Single, thick layer. I will lay it out on the worktable tomorrow to see what's really there.

  6. I'd stitch it up. Like a sailor. Or like Aunt Irma might've.

  7. Dee has a point. Unless it's too heavy--it might be a good base for some
    Swear Stitch.

  8. Rayon is not a strong fabric when wet, and I know the fringe nightmare... bought a ton of silk/rayon fringed scarves to dye years ago, threw them together into the washer to pre-wash before dyeing, and spent hours de-tangling the fringes after... yikes! If it's lasted this long, it's a miracle!


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