Friday, March 29, 2019

comic book production continued

I was informed that it's not a scrapbook because he's putting words in it too. And that the magazines we cannibalized the other day were pretty picked over. Did I have any others? 

A stack on a shelf in the studio closet waiting to shuffle their way off to the trash. SAQA journals, etc. 

I'm flipping through the pages looking for suitable pages to tear out - easier for new scissor users that way - and something looks familiar.


  1. YES! Find the way through it

  2. Hey, that's how I spent the afternoon--a neighbor dropped off an armload of old magazines.

  3. Charlie is, of course, an artist. Collage Journal will be a gem.

  4. Love it! Hope you saved that issue... he might want to read it later!

  5. I read the article. He cut out the picture of my quilt and the words under it. He's stacking up his "sight words" one by one. The favorite? OF


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