Saturday, June 01, 2019

a chill friday

I went out to shut off the hose filling the pool and something failed and drenched me. These colors won't run.

The blouse is so old that the tiny print was nearly invisible and there is a seed burn hole on the back (think on it). Forty years? More? I got it from a second-hand store in NY sometime in the '70s.
The hand of the cloth is like lawn but more substantial, and the construction and fit were so fine, I could never part with it. Dye has it born again in the best way.

Then, with grim determination, I dismembered a piece that's been hanging around the river basket like a case of poison ivy. It's done and 90% of the cloth bits were saved, including the base - a really fine huck tea towel, plain vanilla.


  1. I was trying to remember how long I have been wearing these K-mart men's work shirts. 15 years? More than that? I think I bought them on a visit to see my dad. The K-mart was the only store I knew how to drive to. So I would go visit it every few days. These shirts are in the wash practically non stop. Soft. I love that you rescued the small piece of cloth as you removed them. And that you now have a new base cloth. Winning.

  2. I hate that the stitching on that blouse some poly crap no doubt refused to dye


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