Saturday, June 22, 2019

The nightside

Getting up at crack of dawn with the ping of a photo message (below) is not a bad way to start the day. I seized it for a change, instead of pretending that the week owed me a Saturday in a mumu.

There was NO half&half for my coffee!  A provisioning mission was necessary, so real clothing was required.

Home with a ton of stuff, (most of which has to be cooked by some fool) by 9ish.

Then, the studio time I promised myself delivered some much-needed serenity.
 I missed the brief window of first light on the stitching chair, so I took up the darkside cloths again. Mostly sturdy linen and some delicate lawn cotton, they needed ironing.

This time, they had something to say. Even before I chose all the players, the title came: "Raised Beds in Hell".  First in the "Night Gardener" series. I'm off to baste for a while.

sunrise at Brisco Airfield by CCL
  Later - just a sketch. this one is going to be hard to get good pictures of, at least with my cell phone.


  1. He really has an artist's eye. Just beautiful.
    I HATE it when there is no half and half.

  2. Night gardener

    Love the feeling of these words

  3. beautiful sunrise !!!


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