Tuesday, June 11, 2019


....a new, large work means cutting into pieces that I have been hoarding. Some for many years.

It's time.

The piece wants a lot of darkness so a bunch of things not shown here are headed back down to the dyedeck for some Raven and Deep Space.

This cloth piece will be born under the same stars, as the next book. I'm thinking about both at the same time.

too soon to tell.


  1. how wonderful to see you take on a large cloth ... to be present from the beginning

  2. I've been learning about book cover art and it seemed like it might be a good thing to try for book. Stitching one.

  3. one of the most delightful covers for a book is Jean Draper's 'Stitch and Structure', the beautifully photographed detail of her stitching is amplified by the soft texture of the book cloth

  4. Have you everput a stitched piece on the bed of a high quality color printer? The prints look 3D. Amazing results.

  5. a scanner or printer? scanning at 600 dpi works really well!


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a grand accomplishment

                                This is what I want to do next. I just love what Hazel has done with her treasured cloth, her love and time...

Play it again Sam.