Monday, June 10, 2019

new lights

steel & sky.

more tomorrow, unless the sun comes out so I can finally get in the pool.

The water bill came today. I should have filled it with cheap champagne!

I really have to hunt for the mystery green I need for the next large piece.
Clear and dark with vibrancy, a glow. alien's blood green. The kind of green that's hard to see in full sun.

And some Eyes of Tazmeena green too, may she rest in sweet peace.

One little soul slips away and another steps up. 

May little Ezra take up her tenacity.


  1. (((Tazmeena)))

  2. When you find Eyes of Tazmeena green, please save some for me ... 'twould be a lovely tribute to stitch the memory of her time in this world


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