Friday, June 21, 2019

something flat

 A Solstice cloth, kinda. I'll make some time in the morning light with these. Try to bring some order. Some purpose.

Editing/writing requires thinking in four dimensions including time and my brain is as tired as my body.

A stint of two-dimensional design is in order, like a lemon sorbet. I'm not saying it's any easier, just different.

All those big dark cloths? (and they really are) they're just laying there, defiant. A cold weather project, maybe.
 Right now I want to make some monsters.

Remember this mess?

I brought them to order.

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    "The Seventh Wave" by Sting


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A hot mess

Right after this sunset, the pink moon peeked over the opposite horizon for a few minutes before it was swallowed whole by a thunder...

Play it again Sam.