Sunday, June 23, 2019

sunday stitch

Caught just enough morning light to confirm that I was happy with what I was working on last night in not-nearly-enough light and didn't have to tear the whole project apart. It happens.

Whenever I use elements that have a finished edge, I like to nail them down with some invisible stitching well inside that edge, once I'm sure of where they need to be. That way, I can tuck things under that edge. I drag these projects around with me like a toddler does a blankie so, at this stage, my stitching is all about construction.

This piece is already feeling not big enough. I have more of the dark linen background, but I need a good sized piece of black polar fleece to built the whole thing on - adding on as design demands.
I stumbled back through the archives to find a few old tricks, ways of making the cloth and the thread see sense, work together in more than just a construction manner. 

I love the little berry on a plate and the line going to and from nowhere but with such purpose.


  1. I hold this post to my heart

  2. I hope we both won't be sick of seeing this piece as it develops. I would start another, a companion piece, but I need to give this my full attention in the few stitch hours I have in my week.

  3. such beautiful photos of your process!

  4. Thanks, Mo. It's always about the morning light and my cheapo, but beloved LG cellphone.

  5. Late to look, but so glad I did.
    Hey, what happened to Sunday as a day of rest? Stitching is restful for the stitcher I guess.

  6. I work evenings (the day job) all weekend so I can have one weekday for me and one for Charlie.

  7. i like the fringes, and the detailed thoughts here


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