Tuesday, October 15, 2019


I was up early yesterday. It was a beautiful day, everything outside cleaned and refreshed after a day-long rain. I sat in the Birthday Chair. From here, I looked out on the crape myrtle grove he planted for me. Looked at the table he made for me and the window he put in to give me the northern light I wanted.

My habit is to hook my phone up to a little wireless speaker and play music while I work. There are over a thousand songs that the phone shuffles through randomly. Somehow, years ago, all our songs got put into this one place so not everything is to my taste.

The first thing that came up was something loud and rowdy. Linkin Park - I hit the arrow to advance to the next song. It was Jim's voice, saved from his last phone, "This is Jim. Please leave a message." Maybe ten seconds long? I thought the file had been lost. I was shocked, pleased and charmed all at once.
The next song came up automatically. Piano Concerto 2 by Rachmaninoff from the end credit of the film "Hereafter".
I could hear him in my heart, Happy Birthday, Babe.

I sat with those thoughts and threaded a few needles while I listened. My plan was to finish a few things before going out. I'm having second thoughts about that top line.

Then, we met for lunch and laughter. It was a wonderful day. Pizza on the patio with Jake and Charlie, some time at the park. Then later, Chinese with Colin and Sweetie.

I am seventy and want very much to see eighty.


  1. Best wishes for many more happy returns!

  2. Happy Birthday, Deb.

  3. I was shocked by the 70. I thought you were so much younger.
    Loved the phone story. sometimes...... I wonder how close they are to us..still

  4. Happy birthday Deb, and keep on going girl !!!

  5. If you wear eighty as beautifully as you are wearing seventy, may you persevere. Very touched by the story...his voice. How fortunate to have it...and the table and the light, and the sons and 'Charlie'.

  6. Happy 70! I don't know about you, but at 72 I am amazed at how good I feel, and how much I am thoroughly enjoying life. Hope it is the same for you. And what a lovely gift to hear his voice, even if just for a few seconds. Enjoy each moment...

  7. happy 70th birthday ... you wear it so very well

    and thank you for gifting us with the story of the birthday chair ...

  8. Hey jimmy... thanks for keeping watch over her

  9. Thank you, dear friends, all.

  10. Happiest of new years to you! You have so many beautiful gifts- inside & out!

  11. Belated HB Blessings. You look wonderful.


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