Thursday, October 31, 2019

Halloween 2019

I drove to the town park to try and stretch everything a little. It was very dark, cloudy, trees jostling one another. Very Halloween weather. Humid.

Not fifty yards down the trail rain started to patter. I snatched these up from the path and hobbled back to the car just before the weather got serious.

My project is well underway. Some pruning, polishing and practicing still to come.

I had the AC on around lunch because it was so muggy. Now it's in the 40's. Colin helped me bring all the plants in from the deck. They are probably full of hitchhikers so I will sleep with the sheet pulled over my head tonight.

The house is darkened. It's just me and the cat. Happy Halloween. 


Ms. said...

Blessed Be to thee and thine dear one.

Liz A said...

I do miss the gloriously saturated colors of an east coast fall ...

Joanne S said...

the weather here was very wet , dark and cold until Halloween and then it was mild and dry. this morning no raincoat layered over an insulated vest (color co-ordinated as well! oolala) the wind overnight cleared all the pine needles (orange and rust colored) off the street. Leaves on the Beeches are tan. Leaves on the smoke bush rosy red. The purple smoke bush leaves are glowing red not purple!! Damn.

Had to go baby sit the washing machine while it transitioned to rinse and then drain/spin. It sometimes keeps filling and then spills over onto the new tile floor and tries for the new hardwood. Not when I watch it though.
It's sunny day. Riley looks like a new fresh old dog. Ready for an adventure. too bad G can't walk in the woods. I could but I get lost back there.

Well, that's all from Maine today. I am having a person pity party day for myself and now that the washing is done- I have bills to pay.