Wednesday, November 13, 2019


Cold temps fell on us here in the south like a rock. My poor purslane, so hardy through the long drought, was hanging over the side of the big pot like a batch of boiled spinach.

I sat with the river basket while I listened to the impeachment hearings. Taylor's testimony was so compelling. It was hard to keep my attention on the cloth. I gave up and just rolled pieces together.

Cleaned all my favorite needles, dragging them through the little strawberry on the tomato like I was sharpening knives.


  1. I had the hearings on all day not too loud while I went about the various tasks of living. Then I went to the Zendo to meditate and be with like others.

  2. I remember watching the Watergate hearings at my Long Island high school ... a television was set up in the auditorium so anyone with open time could watch/listen ... so hard to believe it's necessary to go through this yet again ... how power corrupts

    I'll think of you sharpening needles as the hearings continue ...

  3. I gave up listening. I sat for awhile. Just thinking. Wondering why we allow these things to happen. Today I have more laundry so my thoughts can be written down in the Washing Machine Pages. Once written they are out of my head. Yesterday there was Sun but today is Dark. Cold. But the street is clean of ice so the four times a day dog walks are easy enough. No regrets- dog walks mean the dog still lives.

  4. I lasted til 3:00. How apt to sharpen needles while listening!

  5. If that had been me, those would be very sharp needles. Did you stab the poor strawberry when he said "not as outlandish as it could be"?


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                                This is what I want to do next. I just love what Hazel has done with her treasured cloth, her love and time...

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