Sunday, November 17, 2019

My Goodman

Couldn't let this day slip away without acknowledging that it's been six years since we lost Jimmy.

He was a wonderful father and husband. My very best friend and we all miss him every minute of the day.

What I've missed most about him today was his boundless sense of good humor. I've needed a good laugh and going through the many wonderful photos I have of him was tonic. Nobody made me laugh the way Jimmy did.
Interrogating the baby shower gift.

"This child just loaded his diaper in my ear."

Mugging with Atlanta's Ambassador of Mirth, Baton Bob.


  1. Those pictures are a hoot. So glad to see your Jimmy dancing with Baton Bob - who used to be a St. Louis fixture, before our unappreciative and uptight citizenry allowed him to slip away to Atlanta.

  2. I smile ... how these pictures bring Jimmy to life for me, imagining how much they must mean to you ...

  3. I called him that because I felt like I got the last Good Man on earth.

  4. Wonderful memories...those smiles he still puts on your face will replace the tears in your eyes!

  5. His grin is infectious, I'm smiling now!

  6. Ah. I was with you, day of.


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