Tuesday, February 04, 2020

partial fresh starts

Just a scrap from the floor while I was rummaging through a pile of finished pieces. Still wanting to take some to the copy place to make prints.

Just a scrap but it has magic.

It was so warm out today. If I had believed the weather report and planned for it, I could have dyed thread!

As it is, I'm going to be pilfering from my inventory tomorrow for whatever greens I can find.
The work in progress is needing a lot of green.

And thrilled to have finally found my six-inch maple hoops. I started updating the holiday tablecloth back around Thanksgiving. It's been buried under a pile of miscellany since then.

Those starts. I was supposed to NOT watch the news today. Instead, I watched and listened to history as Adam Schiff gave his stunning summation to the senate.

I did get out and walk the back trail at Ron Reagan park. A whole seven-tenths of a mile if their signs are to be believed. Next time, I need to bring my own folding chair .


  1. if i had a Big House
    i would hang pieces like this on the wall. As Is. I close my
    eyes and imagine such a thing and it would be such a sacred place

  2. That scrap has magic for sure. I watched Schiff’s closing arguments too. It was a speech for the ages.

  3. a scrap of sanity maybe, I did not watch anything.
    I'm on a media fast.


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