Wednesday, February 19, 2020

lull before the storm

I'm supposed to be doing a half-dozen different things: getting up to speed with my coding. learning how to interface with potentional cover designers. prospecting the web for images pertinent to the same.

Instead, I'm trying to keep a mild cold from becoming a spring behemoth. Thinking about looking at the ProChem site for new dye colors. Stitching alien instructions. Listening in on conversations between my characters. Shaping the plot of the next book with each stitch (telling my phone the details so they won't spin off into the ether). Worrying about distant family. Thinking about distant lives.

Low tide stuff, but action is required. Library. Orange juice.

ps : and this


  1. like those words....low tide stuff....they carry

  2. I used to stand in the ocean, ankle deep, and watch to see if I could tell which wave carried the turn of the tide. There's a legend, if one can name the wave, the one who makes the turn, that person becomes the next Goddess of the Seas. The see always lulls the watchers. I'm still landside.


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