Sunday, April 19, 2020

the long weekend

Too long. I've been letting the days get away from me in unproductive ways. Making things is not always a good thing. But, I'm out of string. I made all the masks I can stand for a while.

I was sitting at the machine, debating whether to get up and wander in circles when my eyes fell on that little double stack of IKEA drawers. What was in all those drawers?

Surprise, surprise. I did NOT get rid of all my machine thread. Big and little spools and cones of King Tut cotton quilting thread. Bottom line bobbin thread, actual bobbins - the finicky special ones just for my Janome. I remember buying three packages of them from a little quilt shop that been closed and gone a long time.

While looking in the closet for the good quality quilting fabric, I found a crazy log cabin waiting to be finished. Loud, fun.

I did what I could with Baily judging me from the ironing spot. Will you look at the chaos?

He just gave me a good laugh. He stands on the vanity, drinks from the leaky tap then looks longingly at the bathroom window and then at me.

I'm trained, so I know he wants to sit in the open window so I open it. It's two stories up, but the screen is tight.  He made the bold leap, settled on the ledge and the sky split open with lightning and thunder. He fell back into the trash.


  1. Laughing at the Romeo y Julieta cigar box and wondering what's in yours. They look just like two sitting on a shelf in my so-called office that are marked Cup & Eye Hooks/Wood Screws and Brads/Picture Hangers. Originally destined to become funky little purses, but of more use this way.

  2. Romeo and Juliet ... the Paris Ballet ... thank you for the gift of that on Facebook

    and thank you for giving me laughter on a Monday morning ... your crazy cat


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