Friday, April 10, 2020

a looking day

But I got a lot of things done. Overdue stuff, like vacuuming. Dish doing. Cooking even. We had spaghetti with meat sauce last night on a night where I would typically rather not cook and call for Chinese. It seems like our favorite place is closed for the duration.

My Croc ballet slippers rescued from the depths of the Closet from Hell. I wore them to Jake's wedding and nobody noticed. I never had to take them off because they hurt my feet. Brushed off and brushed out (I thought about scorpions) I will try to get back into the habit of wearing something on my feet.

The deck pots and planters got a little love. Old, tired dirt dumped over the side and new soil added. I need to go out and round up a large team of worms.

I'm not so certain this angel needs a head.

I got sidetracked playing with the resident Legos - the ones that never go home with Charlie so whoever needs them always has them.

Facebook memories usually sticks to pictures of people. Today it just brought some lovely things to look at.

Home. The view I grew up with.  The still water so rich with life.

And an in-progress shot of Demons Dance

Some dyed cloth from years ago. Great inspiration for upcoming dyefests.

I remember the steps needed for all that texture!


  1. Color here is just everything. Almost as good as the early spring bulbs in New England. And your angel is perfect. Perhaps a little influenced by Legos?!

    1. He does have a touch of Fisher-Price about him. :)

  2. I like the angel's head, which looks very moon-like to me ...

    my preferred footwear is a 15 year old pair of Rainbow flip flops (leather) ... I think I've gotten my money's worth out of them!

    1. I have a pair of black, tooled leather cowboy boots from '98 because when I tried them on, they felt like they were custom made for my spade-shaped feet. Gift from my sister. Two sets of heels and soles later, I still love them.

  3. Oh, those colors!


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