Tuesday, September 15, 2020



This was so beautiful to see this morning. Grace's Hill and the plant people, still standing. Knowing she and the herd are safe.

We are under the cloud shield dancing out ahead of hurricane Sally. Coolish but far from sweater time. For now, just a damp grayness, still for the most part. Every now and then the trees shiver a bit, not quite tossing. It will be like this for a week or more. Remains to be seen how much wind and rain we'll actually get this far inland.

Just cleaned and refilled the hummingbird feeder. I've caught them eyeing the minuscule flowers on the Spanish Flag vines, barely a sip there. 

I want to sit and build a storm flag, but Sweetie has the sewing chair at the moment. In her old age, I refuse to deny her any small comfort. Could be she knows what I'm supposed to be doing.



Ms. said...

Me too...what are you supposed to?

Ms. said...

I would guess getting ready for the storm. I'm watching it too and the best news is it's reduced to a category 1. Thinking of you and mighty glad that the hill is still there for Grace, though the fires are still burning (((sigh for the people, the trees and creatures)))

deemallon said...

really just commenting here to see if I can get blogger to take my comments again.

deemallon said...



  One moment we are here, the next we are where? Snipped from this life, I like to think, to the place and in the company of our heart's...

Play it again Sam.