Wednesday, September 23, 2020

They get under your skin


It was cool enough to wrap up in something but by the time I got to the post office, I was hot and left it in the front seat of the car. The cloth is a viscose scarf.  You all probably have a least one. Impossible soft, a bit on the fragile side, as thin as it is, it heats up when next to the skin. This natural fiber loves MX dyes madly. Large 31x72, it's more shawl than scarf with a sofy, hair fring all the way around. It was the stark whiteness, ivory really, that caught my attention.  
One it proved out, I dashed back online and bought another ten that I will dye and be selling. 
It's supposed to get to 75 degrees today. If the clouds hold off,  I'll use some black plastic bags to amp up the heat and dye a few more of these. I just have to restrain the wild color demon a bit. Maybe

Some catching up: Last Thursday night, in the last rainy throes of Hurricane Sally, cat Baily rushed in on our dinner with a screaming creature in his mouth. He dropped it on the floor, unsure of what came next. It was a baby squirrel. Wet, cold, eyes and ears still shut tight. Miraculously unharmed. 

Colin tucked it in a cloth and shopping bag with the heating pad under it while I did the research. "Warming and rehydration" were critical. Off to the store for Pedialyte and puppy formula. Thus began my week of waking three times a night for warming and giving bottles. 

What else to do but fall in love with a scrap of life that only wants to snuggle, feed, and snuggle some more. But the cruel logic of a three-cat household and further research made it clear that finding a wildlife rehabilitator was crucial. 

After a few "full house" turn-downs, we found an experienced rehabber nearby, one with other baby squirrels. Ours would get that tribal learning essential to survival. "Winnie" joined with her own kind yesterday. 

Meanwhile, I look and cloth and am a loss as to what comes next. I have four or five small projects rolled up and tucked away while I try to get back to the keyboard, the stories.


Liz A said...

that fringe of red

taiqi said...

What did you mordant with?

Deb Lacativa said...

You know, I had to look up the word. I thought only natural dyes used mordant. I use MX dyes which are decidedly NOT natural. It does require a chemical adjunct-a soda ash solution- to *fix* the colors, drive the dye molecules into the fiber molecules, as I understand the process. I call it The Sauce.

Angie said...

Please, oh please, I desperately want/need one of those 'shawls' after you have dyed them. Put my name on one, please and thank you! :D And I love the story about the baby squirrel, especially the run to the store and finding a rehab person nearby to nurture it. :)

ravenandsparrow said...

I love the story of Winnie and am so glad you were able to find a wildlife rehabilitator to take her. Years ago my sister in law saved a baby squirrel and kept him until he began to wreak havoc. There is nowhere a squirrel cannot go and "Evan" was maniacal.

Tina said...

Not only did you save a squirrel but what a great and life lasting experience for the little guy. Love the scarf very much .. can’t wait to see the others. Trying again to leave a comment .. never give up Right!

Deb Lacativa said...

Tina - I changed a few settings that didn't seem to matter and LO, they have. Welcome!

Angie, as soon as I can figure out how to dye something so large indoors, I'll let you know.