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One moment we are here, the next we are where? Snipped from this life, I like to think, to the place and in the company of our heart's desires. Refreshing in the recall of the sweetest moments of our time here. Then, in whatever time it takes to be renewed, move on to begin again.

As Jude put it so well, somehow I knew the moment she remarked on Michelle's absence from the internet. 

RBG's passing hit her very hard at a time when her reserves of hope and strength were low and falling.

Michelle and I often chatted via web late into the night, while I worked and she dealt with the kind of sleeplessness that comes of long afternoon naps- one of the few remaining good things on Facebook.

A few years older than myself, we both attended the School of Visual Arts in the mid and late 60s, only blocks from where she lived. We had a cultural commonality few virtual friends can claim. Times and places shared.

It's a comfort to know she'd been to her spiritual font, her Zendo, if only virtually, in the days before she passed. 

Rest, dear one. Renew, then fly on.

Michelle Slater of  
From her last post, however long these things, this stuff of dreams, lasts.


Mo Crow said...

Michelle cared so deeply, I loved her walks through the big city late at night

Dana said...

Thanks for sharing your history with Michelle. The webs that bind us are so often invisible.

Nancy said...

Oh, I like how Dana said this, for how many of us have shared email conversations, gifts in the mail and connections of the heart with one another here in this Spirit world. We are sprinkled about the web, seeds of love planted deep.
Deb, I'm so grateful to have had these things with you, Michelle and so many others. I'm grateful you are in my life.

Tina said...

This place is special .. it is people like Michelle that make it so. One has to be part of this amazing circle to understand the love that Is shared here. The love that flows into and from the hearts of people we never and probably never will meet .. the love that we give and receive from and to one another is nothing short of a miracle. Sending out grateful Blessings to all who are witness to this outpouring of gratitude for having had Michelle in our lives .. I’m going to take for granted that she knew how much she was loved .. and now missed.

Liz A said...

learning these things about you and Michelle ... as with all stories told in the wake of a death ... makes it all the more poignant, but I'm so glad to know of your connections

bidding you peace in the days ahead ... may you be well

Anonymous said...

What a gift to have shared a past together years after! I think for many of you older ones RBG's passing hit harder than we may have expected.

Thank you for such a lovely post!


Marti said...

Deb, thanks for posting on Dee Mallon's blog about finding, on FB, the card that Michelle sent to me in on Sept. 21, 2017, the exact day, three years later of her last blog post. I've copied my comment to send to you here:

I’m not on FB so didn’t know Deb. Thanks for sharing this; to see those dates actually sent a vibration through my body. I should say that it was a silver peace leaf from Barry that I sent to Michelle, not a peace pin.. Serendipitous joy when I received Michelle’s leaf card…

I usually start my day by having a cup of tea, once in a while a cup of coffee, sit out in our back yard and wait for daybreak. We are getting cooler weather and when the sun came up, the sky exploded into hues of lavender, peace, pink, blue…I found myself walking to our brick wall, standing up on some rocks, looking straight up and I thought of Michelle’s sky, similar colors, silhouetted by Manhattan buildings. Here in New Mexico, nothing but vast sky, Sandia Mountain to my right and I felt that Michelle was here, looking down at her sky, me looking up at her in my New Mexico sky and then, I cried…

Marti said...

I was re-reading some of Michelle's old blog posts and found the one where she displayed the leaf card that she had made and sent to me:

Deb Lacativa said...

To everyone who has been touched. Thank you for reading and commenting. May we all continue to reach out the best way we can, the way Michelle did. Ripples!



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