Tuesday, September 29, 2020

the Bruised Heart

I wasn't going to start a new piece so soon. But I just needed something to hold. Something else to focus on. Think about. Something to have a little control over. 

Hours rummaging through the River basket and boxes in the closet yielded a half dozen false starts that are now rolled up and pinned shut, back in the closet. 

This one made the cut. Grabbed my attention like nothing else has for a while.
The base is a little tea towel. A very thin, light damask that came out a bit blah. While I was so focused on composing the elements on one side I didn't notice that there were gorgeous patches of colors on the backside that looked like storm clouds or oil on water. 

I saved them for another time.


The stitching has been effortless. It's as if the thread and cloth don't dare challenge me.

Lines, shapes, and masses telling the story.
I don't know the language or what the story is yet, but it will come.

All the elements, the characters are present. Waiting.


Liz A said...

the flowers in the last image on Michelle's blog ...

and your heart ... here for all to see ...

may your stitches bring you peace

Nancy said...

These colors just pull you in to wallow in their splendor. May the stitching continue to bring calm. xo

Hazel said...

So beautiful- love and pain all stitched together.

Joanne S said...

They are never truly gone- who live on in our hearts and mind.
Don't know where the quote comes from- but it has always been a comfort.



Play it again Sam.