Saturday, September 19, 2020

The Style of Dignity

 Human dignity was her compass.

Silly, but I'm fascinated by this garment. There was something so unique about her style. I have a feeling that she made these very personal choices for herself. 

I'm listening to Rachel Maddow interviewing Hilary Clinton about RBG while I live in a state where one of the GOP representatives all but cheered at her passing. It was disgusting and infuriating that his sole concern was overturning Roe V. Wade and taking away a woman's choice over her very life, for it will come to that. 

What am I doing? 100% of any thread, cloth or art purchases from today until the election will be donated equally between the Jon Ossoff and Biden/Harris campaigns.

Her passing gives new meaning to the word "ruthless".  Makes me want to sharpen my machete.


Angie said...

I'm here in Tennessee...need I say, they are salivating here too? I will check out the thread again, and buy more so you can donate the money. I am so sick of of the sludge that has been running this country into the ground that I don't know what to do with myself. Can't remember a time in my life, honestly, that I've felt this full of rage and sadness.

Angie said...

I will take #4 and a fat baggie. Do you mind emailing me your address again, and I will stick a check in the mail to you tomorrow. Thanks so much!

Ms. said...

I've been obsessed all day with RBG and she was indeed a rare and beautiful bird. How I wish she could have stayed a little longer. The vultures are circling. I'm sad and weary but just got out my check book to send s little something to Harris and Biden (can't do any financial transactions on line.

barbara woods said...

she was a legend. fought cancer nearly all the time she was on the supreme court



Play it again Sam.