Saturday, May 13, 2006


Every spring I grow jealous over postings of beautiful gardens from all over the world. Although I'd like to blame it on the miserable clay here in Georgia, I'm sure other southern gardeners would have me flogged so I'll admit that my lack of garden is due to my unwillingness to break a sweat over the whole process. Where I grew up in the Hudson Valley region of New York we had real top soil, the kind people pay actual money for down here. I just threw down the seeds or popped a plant into the ground and it flourished. Here, if you don't pour a fortune in cash & sweat into the dirt, you are not likely to reap much. After ten years I have finally figured out which perennials will get by on little more than dog piss and a brush with the lawn mower. I never water and only pull weeds when they get taller than the flowers. That's a coreopsis trying to escape into the street - I'm sure the mailman will run it over soon. A Confederate jasmine and a few different varieties of ivy that we rescued from a dumpster loaf around the pole that they refuse to climb. I have no idea where the poppies came from and the peonies on the back row were taken from a plant that my grandfather originally planted at my parents house fifty years ago. And this is Jinx doing her bunny rabbit imitation while stalking squirrels.

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MsT said...

Hi Deb - I saw my favorite flowers, violets, when I went to CT a last week. What part are you from? I was in Manchester, Torrington, and West Hartford.