Saturday, June 09, 2007

What light through yonder window breaks?

Well Juliet, it's the east and a damn good thing I'm an early riser. Thing is, the old room had the very same view but as you can see, I rarely looked out the window. I also never took advantage of a perfectly respectable closet. Chaos and Mayhem and I used to battle to a stalemate but as I've given in to the desire to work larger, C&M have driven me elsewhere, usually out on the picnic table and recently as far away as Florida. I am taking my workspace back. In the process of looking for backs to build some pieces that are just dying to meet a deadline, I have uncovered vast acreage of dyed & painted fabric that, at one time, I thought had potential. This batch is stewing in a dark dye pot right now. There, with the dark painted circles, was a sister piece to "Rubric". No pangs and no heartache over reassigning these UFOs to a useful existence tells me that the direction of my work has left this path behind. I wonder what else I'll uncover as the shake out continues? Stay tuned and look forward to a fiber give-away on a grand scale in the near future. I have plans to divest myself of a LOT of stuff. I'm also thinking about doing a little investigating into some basic Feng Shui before I start putting things into the new studio. Does anyone have any research recommendations? I know nothing about it beyond that I have no intentions of sitting with my back to the door.


Anonymous said...

Try this one, Deb, they have a lot of good basic useful information, and some lovely goodies if you are of a mind to purchase.
I know people think you have totally gone off your rocker when you talk about feng shui, but in some aspects, it certainly seems reasonable that our surroundings can have a huge impact on how well we function. And as a last tip, not everything you purchase has to be a true feng shui item. Remember that something that has personal meaning will always have a more powerful influence on your state of mind than a purchased fu dog or whatever.
And good luck!
Rain in NC

Sandy said...

Hey, Deb Duck- make sure that your main chair in the new studio faces toward the door of the room. Install mirrors if you want to interrupt the flow of chi out the window or up the chimney, and be careful where you put those wind chimes! There are all sorts of little cheap books on feng shui available- simple stuff to start out. Sounds good- I want to know when your wholesale thing starts! And I want to se your HAIR!