Thursday, February 13, 2014

L'Heure Bleue

ice storm 2.12.14
So very appropriate to my mood for most of the day. Many thanks to those who helped me row through rough waters today.

A word of advice to all you young lovers out there. Turn off the electronic love lights and make it real. Sit down with pen and paper and turn your hearts inside out to each other. Share your worries, your passion, your hopes and dreams. Write them down. Sign them. Date them and most of all, send them.

 If you are very lucky, many years from now one of you  will find a box inside a box and take out a forgotten packet of letters and you will sit down and read them to each other over tea or coffee and you'll  marvel at that passion, the humor, and the wild, young love all over again...together.

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Ms. said...

Just woke up to look at the incoming storm here--SNOWING--just as predicted! Your blue hour is beautiful...and love sounds so much better in French. LOVE to you from me in English tonight.