Thursday, January 01, 2015

to the new year

"Live in the moment, remember the past, dream for the future"

2014 was a difficult year. Necessarily transformational. There were many lows, but the highs shine the brightest.  There will be many more radical changes going forward. I've come to recognize how spoiled I was by the stability of my old life. Now, being primary caretaker for this little guy trumps all other concerns.
I am so honored and blessed.

As to working with fiber, I still just don't know.

At the very least I will be taking advantage of a glut of raw materials and be dying vintage cloth and threads for other fiber artists. Gal's gotta make a living, still.

The writing goes forward. Talk about uncharted territory! All I keep seeing about writing and publishing is - there are no RULES! Baloney.

No matter what medium you are working in you have to know the rules before you can do a good job of breaking them.


Nancy said...

Sending love and wishes for 'enough' in the New Year. He is a precious boy and I am so glad you get to enjoy him so often.

Judy Martin said...

I lovee that you wrote that message on your arm, and that the arm is extended ahead.

Very happy new year to you Deb. I am glad to hear that the writing is going forward.