Friday, November 18, 2016

catching up

 I spent an entire week in a strange city in close proximity with 100+ strangers and ate all manner of food and did not get sick. So much for my Howard Hughes syndrome. I had to go shopping here at home to find a bag of cut-up lettuce that seems to have missed getting washed.

TWO DAYS of Montezuma's revenge later (no pictures, please) I've sworn off lettuce unless I grow it myself. I must be feeling better because I just finished cleaning The Oven That Had Never Been Cleaned and, necessarily, washing the kitchen floor and I'm not laying on the couch. There will be Turkey this year.

Here are a few more random pics from Salem. A lot of the storm drains are fabulously arted up like this to remind people that the ocean is just a few blocks away and the denizens there would rather you didn't dump nasty shit down the drains.

These payphones were in the hotel lobby. I regret not giving one a try. I sat on the bench across from them  for a long time remembering how central these were in my life long ago. Everyone's lives.

They will still work when all the cell service goes down, but they can only call each other and land lines. Will they know how to find each other?
 Do you know any land line numbers?
Mine is 770.925.0138. I might just answer.

I have so many story lines waiting to use the phones. Remember?

This photo was on a shelf in the nook where the grand old dame read my cards. Furio is either one of her regulars or she's a big fan.

And this mess. Just like I left it although I'm going to have to kick it into gear because  there are Christmas gifts to be made.  Onward.


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

there is an incredibly wonder FULL story somewhere on the internet...
i'll try to find it again
about a man in Japan who installed a phone booth somewhere just outside
in the countryside. People come to it to "speak" to relatives
that were lost in the Tsunami. They come regularly.
just enter and "call"...

Father? are you there?

Husband? are you there?

they then tell the things of their days...just the normal things
children sometimes talk too...telling what they did at school

they all say....we are all ok, but we miss you so much...are you ok too?

things like that.

I'll try to find a link for it

using the phone booth is often the first time people have begun the
healing grief.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

it's a This American Life episode Ira Glass PBS

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

I refuse to give up my land line, even though I do have a "smart phone" for travel emergencies because there are no longer any payphones here! Oh, someone did resurrect a phone booth somewhere in town, but they set it up so you could put your money in and hear pre-recorded poetry or some such nonsense. The local punks trashed it a couple of times so they had to move it to a "safe" place... yeah, right!
Sorry about the lettuce mishap - I just get the heads and wash as needed. I don't trust the packaged ones for some reason...