Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Wet and raw Georgia winter

All my houseplants are back inside now, possible residents included. The last warm-up was their last chance to make a break for it. But I am going to find some worms to put into the soil around the plants. If there are hungry frogs or lizards in the foliage, well. worms.

I set up the wandering office in the bedroom this morning so I could listen to the rain as I worked.

 It used to be that there was always a TV on in the house somewhere, droning away. The "clank, clank" opening sounds of "Law and Order" were like the chiming of a grandfather clock. I've cut  the cord with Comcast and the house is very quiet now. Too quiet sometimes.

I'm shopping for a used, old school stereo system - the kind with speakers that could double as end tables. And a turntable!

We have a lot of vinyl going to waste. As long as I still have 50% of my hearing, I'm not letting that go to waste either. Screw the neighbors.

Storyteller keeps me on task as I work.

Sweetie is the best office assistant when this is the office. She knows where and how to be useful.


Ms. said...

Loved this visit.
TV gone...well I've been listening to a lot of music and of course the radio and A friend (media producer) sent world radio today and I traveled to Germany, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and ended up listening to old time fiddles from a tiny Island of the UK coast...You're on face book so I'll share it over there, if I haven't already.

Ms. said...

when/if you find the turntable and big speakers--don't use the speakers to hold drings or food---accidents are awful for speakers !

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i was just thinking the other day about
record players

how they are totally from another time now...how amazing that is.
who could have imagined