Thursday, November 16, 2017

fall downs

It's the time of year when I started using time rather mindlessly. I finally gave away that blasted acrylic yarn and the beautiful knitting needles to a friend who was serious about learning to knit.

So these containers came to pass.
I still have a basket with five cones of mystery yarn. One is cotton perle, one is bamboo and the others, no clue. The cones are unmarked. Alone, the strands are thin, unsubstantial. Together (and they have to be coaxed gently) they are soft and flexible. I might mix up a little brown dye and see if I can get that Boston bean pot effect.


Ms. said...

one of the more enigmatic creations ever...a pod with a tail...perhaps the head will be inside,

Unknown said...

For holding the pieces together in one place when I am not capable of it. That wonderful tail to remind me to lighten the hell up!